Century Regalia Price List

Century Regalia Price List offers potential buyers an in-depth look at the cost of luxury living in one of Bangalore’s most prestigious new developments. Nestled in the heart of Indiranagar, adjacent to the Karnataka Golf Association, Century Regalia is an exclusive pre-launch residential apartment project by Century Real Estate. This endeavor transcends mere living arrangements—it’s dedicated to curating a way of life. Spread over 8.5 acres and comprising 300 units, this 11-floor structure offers breathtaking views of the golf course and features spacious 3 BHK and 4 BHK apartments, catering to discerning buyers seeking opulence and comfort.

Century Regalia Price List

The Century Regalia Price List serves as a comprehensive guide, detailing the various sizes and corresponding prices of the available apartments. Buyers can easily navigate through this price list to select their preferred apartments based on size and budget. The price list for Century Regalia discloses that a spacious 3 BHK apartment covering 2300 square feet begins at INR 6.1 Crore. For those seeking even more space, the 4 BHK apartments come in two sizes: a 2750 square feet unit priced around INR 7.2 Crore, and a 3200 square feet unit priced at approximately INR 8.2 Crore.

Century Regalia’s pricing strategy is meticulously designed to offer luxury at an unbeatable price point. The project has been RERA approved, ensuring transparency and reliability for potential homeowners. Furthermore, Century Real Estate has implemented flexible payment plans to ease the financial commitment for buyers. These plans divide the total cost into manageable schedules, providing clear timelines for each payment, making the purchasing process smooth and stress-free.

The pricing structure in Century Regalia is based on the price per square foot of the apartment. This means that the total price of an apartment is calculated by multiplying the area of the unit (in square feet) by the rate per square foot. For instance, if an apartment has an area of 2300 square feet and the rate is INR 26,000 per square feet, the total price would be INR 5.98 Crore, excluding other charges.

In Century Regalia project, there are different price tiers based on factors such as the floor level, view, and location within the project. For example, apartments on higher floors may be priced higher due to the better views they offer. Similarly, units facing scenic areas like a golf course or park often carry a premium price compared to those with less attractive views. Additionally, corner units or those located near amenities like the clubhouse or swimming pool may also be priced higher due to their desirable locations.

Investing in Century Regalia means more than just acquiring a property; it means investing in a refined lifestyle. The project’s strategic location in Indiranagar ensures proximity to top-notch educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and entertainment hubs, enhancing the overall living experience. Additionally, the serene view of the adjacent golf course adds a touch of tranquility to the urban living experience, making it a perfect blend of city life and peaceful retreat.

The Century Regalia Price List reflects a fair pricing system, established after a thorough analysis of the real estate market trends. This ensures that buyers receive excellent value for their investment. Century Real Estate’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident in the thoughtful design and execution of this project. Each apartment is designed to provide maximum comfort and luxury, with high-quality finishes and state-of-the-art amenities.

Furthermore, Century Regalia offers a variety of dimensions for its 3 BHK and 4 BHK apartments, catering to the diverse needs of buyers. Whether you are a small family looking for a cozy yet spacious home, or a larger family in need of extensive living space, Century Regalia has something to offer. The detailed price list allows buyers to make informed decisions, ensuring they find an apartment that perfectly matches their needs and budget.

Price List

A “Price List” in real estate is a comprehensive document that provides detailed information about the prices of different units within a real estate project. This list includes the cost of apartments based on various parameters such as size, floor level, view, and location within the project. The price list is an essential tool for potential buyers as it helps them understand the financial requirements of purchasing a property and assists them in making informed decisions

Importance of Century Regalia Price List

The importance of Century Regalia price list cannot be overstated. Firstly, it offers transparency, ensuring that buyers are aware of the exact cost of different units and what they are paying for. This transparency builds trust between the developer and the buyer. Secondly, this price list helps in budget planning. Buyers can compare prices of different units and choose one that fits their budget. Additionally, it allows for better financial planning as buyers can anticipate the total expenditure, including additional costs like registration fees, maintenance charges, and other amenities.

Price Appreciation Potential

The price appreciation potential of a residential property depends on several factors including location, infrastructure development, demand and supply dynamics, and overall economic conditions. In the case of Century Regalia, located in Indiranagar – a central business district (CBD) area in East Bangalore – the price appreciation potential is significant. Indiranagar is a highly sought-after locality known for its excellent connectivity, vibrant lifestyle, and proximity to key business hubs. Historically, properties in Indiranagar have shown steady price appreciation due to these factors.

Historically, Indiranagar has witnessed robust price growth in the real estate market. This upscale neighborhood has seen property values rise consistently over the years, driven by high demand, limited supply, and continuous development. The area’s reputation as a premium residential and commercial hub has attracted a wealthy clientele, contributing to the steady increase in property prices. According to recent market data, the average price per square foot in Indiranagar is INR 26,000, which has seen a year-on-year increase, making it one of the most lucrative real estate markets in Bangalore.

The value of properties in Indiranagar such as Century Regalia is further expected to rise due to several upcoming infrastructure projects and developments. The proposed expansion of the Namma Metro network, which will enhance connectivity to other parts of Bangalore, is one such project. Additionally, the planned development of new commercial hubs and the improvement of existing amenities will make the area even more attractive to potential buyers. The government’s focus on infrastructure development in East Bangalore, including road widening and beautification projects, is likely to boost the property values in Indiranagar further.


So, this well-detailed price list provides essential information that aids buyers in making informed decisions. The pricing structure, based on price per square foot and influenced by factors like floor level, view, and location, helps in transparent and fair pricing. The significant price appreciation potential in Indiranagar, backed by historical trends and upcoming infrastructure projects, makes it a prime location for real estate investment.

In conclusion, the Century Regalia Price List is not just a document but a gateway to an elevated lifestyle in one of Bangalore’s most sought-after locations. With prices starting at INR 6.1 Crore for a 3 BHK apartment, and going up to INR 8.2 Crore for a 4 BHK unit, Century Regalia offers a range of luxurious options for discerning buyers. The flexible payment plans and strategic location further enhance the appeal of this project, making it a prime choice for real estate investment. Thus, for buyers looking at Century Regalia property in Indiranagar, understanding the price list and its implications can lead to a smart and profitable investment.

FAQ's- Frequently Asked Questions

The starting price for a 3 BHK apartment with an area of 2300 square feet in Century Regalia is approximately INR 6.1 Crore.

The largest 4 BHK apartment in Century Regalia, with an area of 3200 square feet, is priced at approximately INR 8.2 Crore.

The price appreciation potential in Indiranagar is driven by excellent connectivity, upcoming infrastructure projects, high demand, limited supply, and continuous development in the area.