Century Regalia Distance

Century Regalia Distance refers to the proximity of the project to key city landmarks, such as bus stands, educational institutions, train stations, tech parks and airports. This measure offers insight into the project’s location, giving a comprehensive view of surrounding amenities. Positioned in a prime area of the city, the project ensures that all essential services are conveniently close by.

Century Regalia Distance

Century Regalia is a new pre-launch residential apartment project by Century Real Estate, strategically located in the heart of Indiranagar, adjacent to the Karnataka Golf Association in Bangalore. This ultra-luxury development boasts excellent connectivity to significant city locations, ensuring residents have easy access to various essential amenities. This comprehensive guide will detail the distances from Century Regalia to key landmarks, transportation hubs, major roadways, tech parks, hotels, malls, educational institutions, hospitals, sports facilities, and other crucial facilities.

Overview of Century Regalia

Century Regalia is an ultra-luxury residential project spread across 8.5 acres of prime land in Indiranagar, Bangalore. The development features 11 floors and offers spacious 3 BHK and 4 BHK apartments, totaling 300 units, with sizes ranging from 2300 to 3200 square feet. This RERA-approved project provides residents with a stunning view of the adjacent Golf Course, ensuring a serene living environment within a bustling urban locale. The thoughtful design and luxurious amenities make Century Regalia a prestigious address in Bangalore.


In real estate, the term “Distance” refers to the physical proximity of a property to various essential locations and amenities such as schools, hospitals, workplaces, transportation hubs, shopping centers, and recreational facilities. This metric is often measured in kilometers or miles and plays a crucial role in determining the convenience and lifestyle quality that a property offers to its residents. The significance of distance extends beyond mere physical measurement; it encompasses the ease of access and the time taken to reach these key destinations, significantly influencing the overall living experience.

Century Regalia Distance to Transportation Hubs

Proximity to transportation hubs is a key feature of Century Regalia. The Bengaluru Cantonment Railway Station is approximately 8 kilometers away, while the Yelahanka Railway Station is about 18 kilometers distant. KR Puram Railway Station, a major suburban rail hub, is just 10 kilometers from the project. For air travel, Kempegowda International Airport is located around 35 kilometers away, providing excellent connectivity for frequent flyers. The Kempegowda Bus Station, a major bus terminal, is situated 12 kilometers from Century Regalia. In terms of metro connectivity, the Indiranagar Metro Station is a mere 2 kilometers away, and the Swami Vivekananda Metro Station is about 3 kilometers distant. Additionally, the Yeshwanthpur Railway Station and KSR Bengaluru City Junction are 15 kilometers and 10 kilometers away, respectively, ensuring residents have multiple options for public transport.

Century Regalia Distance to Major Roadways

Century Regalia’s location offers excellent access to major roadways surrounding Indiranagar. The project is located merely 4 kilometers away from the major thoroughfare of Old Madras Road. NH 44, a major national highway, is 8 kilometers away, providing swift connectivity to various parts of the city and beyond. NH 75 is approximately 7 kilometers from Century Regalia, ensuring convenient travel options for long-distance commutes. The Hebbal area, known for its flyovers and connectivity, is about 12 kilometers away, and the KR Puram area, another major junction, is 10 kilometers distant. These major roadways facilitate seamless travel and connectivity, enhancing the overall convenience for residents.

Century Regalia Distance to Tech Parks

The proximity to prominent tech parks is a significant advantage for Century Regalia residents. ITPL and ITPB, key tech hubs, are located around 15 kilometers from the project. Bagmane Tech Park is just 6 kilometers away, while Embassy Tech Village is about 12 kilometers distant. Velankani Tech Park and RMZ Ecoworld are 16 kilometers and 13 kilometers away, respectively. Other notable tech parks include IBC Knowledge Park (10 kilometers), Prestige Tech Cloud (14 kilometers), KIADB Hardware Tech Park (20 kilometers), and IFCI Financial City (18 kilometers). The KIADB Aerospace Tech Park is 25 kilometers away, L&T Tech Park is 12 kilometers distant, and Manyata Tech Park is about 13 kilometers from Century Regalia. Additionally, Karle Town SEZ is 14 kilometers away, BCIT (Bhartiya Centre of Information Technology) is 15 kilometers distant, Brigade Magnum is 16 kilometers away, and Indiranagar Business Park and Purva Aerocity are just 2 kilometers and 18 kilometers away, respectively. This proximity to tech parks makes Century Regalia an ideal location for professionals working in these hubs.

Century Regalia Distance to Hotels & Malls

Century Regalia is conveniently located near several prominent hotels and malls. The Leela Palace, a luxury hotel, is just 2 kilometers away, and Hotel Royal Orchid is 2.2 kilometers distant. For shopping and leisure, Gopalan Signature Mall is 6 kilometers away, and 1 MG – Lido Mall is 3 kilometers from the project. Phoenix Marketcity and Phoenix Mall of Asia are both approximately 12 kilometers away, offering extensive retail and entertainment options. RMZ Galleria Mall is 16 kilometers distant, and Byg Brewski, a popular dining destination, is about 8 kilometers away. Elements Mall is 14 kilometers from Century Regalia, and Esteem Mall is 15 kilometers away. These amenities provide residents with a variety of options for dining, shopping, and leisure activities.

Century Regalia Distance to Hospitals

Proximity to healthcare facilities is another highlight of Century Regalia. Manipal Hospital, a renowned medical institution, is just a stone distance throw away. Motherhood Hospital, specializing in women and child care, is 4 kilometers distant. Revive Hospitals is approximately 7 kilometers away, and St. Theresa’s Hospital is 10 kilometers from the project. Sujatha Hospital is 6 kilometers away, while Chinmaya Mission Hospital is just 3 kilometers distant. Axon Speciality Hospital is 5 kilometers away, and St John’s Medical College Hospital is about 8 kilometers distant. The Life Plus Hospital is 9 kilometers away, Aster CMI Hospital is 12 kilometers distant, Baptist Hospital is 10 kilometers away, and Cloudnine Hospital is 6 kilometers from Century Regalia. These hospitals ensure that residents have access to top-notch medical care in close proximity.

Century Regalia Distance to Educational Institutions

Educational institutions near Century Regalia provide excellent learning opportunities for residents. National Public School is just 3 kilometers away, and Pristine Public School is 4 kilometers distant. Delhi Public School is approximately 5 kilometers away, offering a reputed curriculum for students. Sree Cauvery School is 4 kilometers distant, and Soundarya School CBSE is about 6 kilometers away. These institutions ensure that families residing at Century Regalia have access to quality education options for their children.

Century Regalia Distance to Sports Facilities

Century Regalia is also close to various sports facilities, enhancing the lifestyle options for residents. The Karnataka Golf Association, adjacent to the project, offers excellent golfing facilities. Additionally, the Kanteerava Indoor Stadium is 8 kilometers away, providing facilities for various sports and events. The National Games Village Sports Complex is 6 kilometers from the project, offering a range of sports facilities. These sports amenities contribute to a healthy and active lifestyle for Century Regalia residents.

Century Regalia Distance to Prominent Places

The strategic location of Century Regalia places it near several prominent places in Bangalore. The bustling area of MG Road is just 5 kilometers away, offering numerous dining, shopping, and entertainment options. The iconic Brigade Road is 6 kilometers distant, and Commercial Street, known for its shopping, is about 7 kilometers away. The vibrant Indiranagar locality itself is home to numerous cafes, restaurants, and boutiques, enhancing the living experience for residents.

Century Regalia Distance to Crucial Landmarks

Century Regalia offers excellent connectivity to various crucial landmarks and areas in Bangalore. Sarjapur Road is 12 kilometers away, providing access to the city’s IT corridor. Electronic City, a major tech hub, is approximately 18 kilometers from the project. Hebbal, with its extensive flyover network, is 12 kilometers distant. Bagalur is 20 kilometers away, and Malleshwaram, known for its cultural and commercial significance, is 10 kilometers from Century Regalia. Indiranagar itself is a prominent area, offering numerous amenities. MG Road is 5 kilometers away, and Tumkur Road (NH 48) is 15 kilometers distant. Located just 4 kilometers from Old Madras Road (NH 75) and 8 kilometers from Hosur Road (NH 44), this area offers easy access to major highways. Bannerghatta Road (SH 87) is 12 kilometers away, Kanakapura Road (NH 948) is 16 kilometers distant, Mysuru Road (NH 275) is 14 kilometers away, and Magadi Road (SH 85) is 15 kilometers from Century Regalia. These landmarks ensure residents have excellent connectivity to various parts of Bangalore.

Importance of Distance

Distance in real estate is of paramount importance for several reasons. Firstly, proximity to essential services such as schools and hospitals ensures that residents have quick access to education and healthcare, which are critical for families. Secondly, closeness to workplaces and transportation hubs reduces commute times, contributing to a better work-life balance and enhancing daily convenience. Additionally, being near shopping centers and recreational facilities adds to the quality of life by providing easy access to leisure and entertainment options. Therefore, properties located in well-connected areas with short distances to these amenities are often more desirable and command higher market values.

Distance plays a pivotal role in influencing a buyer’s decision when selecting a residential property. Homebuyers often seek properties that provide easy access to essential amenities and everyday activities. For families, the proximity to good schools and childcare facilities is a top consideration, as it directly impacts their children’s education and overall family routine. Working professionals look for homes close to their workplaces or with easy access to public transportation to minimize commuting time and stress. Proximity to shopping malls, restaurants, parks, and fitness centers also adds to a property’s appeal, as it promises a comfortable and fulfilling lifestyle.

Moreover, shorter distances to essential services and amenities often translate to higher property values and better investment potential. Buyers are willing to pay a premium for homes such as Century Regalia, that reduce travel time and offer convenience, thus ensuring better resale value in the future.


So, understanding and highlighting the distance in real estate is crucial for both buyers and sellers. It significantly impacts the desirability, market value, and overall living experience of a property, making it a key consideration in the home buying process.

In summary, Century Regalia Distance highlights the project’s strategic location and excellent connectivity to key city landmarks and essential amenities. The proximity to transportation hubs, major roadways, tech parks, hotels, malls, educational institutions, hospitals, and sports facilities makes Century Regalia an ideal residential choice. This prime location ensures residents enjoy a well-connected lifestyle with easy access to all necessary services. Experience the advantages of residing in one of Bangalore’s most desirable neighborhoods by choosing Century Regalia for your next home.

FAQ's- Frequently Asked Questions

Century Regalia Distance highlights the proximity of the project to key city landmarks such as bus stands, train stations, airports, educational institutions, and tech parks.

Century Regalia is approximately 35 kilometers from Kempegowda International Airport, ensuring excellent connectivity for frequent flyers.

The closest metro stations to Century Regalia are Indiranagar Metro Station, 2 kilometers away, and Swami Vivekananda Metro Station, 3 kilometers away.

Nearby educational institutions include National Public School (3 km), Pristine Public School (4 km), and Delhi Public School (5 km).

Century Regalia offers excellent connectivity to essential amenities, tech parks, hospitals, and recreational facilities, ensuring a convenient and high-quality lifestyle.